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Chef Allen's October 2008 Newsletter

Stone Crab Season @ Chef Allen's
Starting October 15th

Top 10 Chef's Stone Crab Dreams

10. Singapore style Hot and spicy Stone Crabs
9. Green Mango and Curried Stone Crab with a Vidalia Onion Tempura
8. Stone Crab Cobbler with Calamari, Corn and Cilantro
7. Stone Crab, Tarragon and Verjus with Saffron Risotto
6. Stone Crab Cakes with Kaffir Lime Melted Butter Sauce
5. Stone Crab Club Sandwich with Sweet Potato Chips
4. Watermelon Carpaccio with Stone Crab Salad and Mustard Vinaigrette
3. Potted Stone Crab with Crunchy French Bread
2. Stone Crab Chowder with Apple Wood smoked Bacon and Fingerling Potatoes
  and the # 1 reason for having dinner with us in OctoberÍ
1. Freshly Caught and Cracked Jumbo Stone Crabs with Mustard Sauce!

With all the women in the news lately, I felt it appropriate to re introduce you to my wife and partner in Chef Allen's: Judi Susser. She has revived her creative involvement at the restaurant in several exciting areas.

Working closely with our restaurant designer, Judi's talents and taste were called upon in choosing colors, textures, and materials. Judi had been after me for a number of years to tear down the walls of glass block in the restaurant. You know, she was right. She has infused new life and passion into our landmark restaurant. The walls are shimmering with a fresh coat of spicy tropical colors and chocolate mahogany woods. Tearing up the carpet, replaced by a brown sugar stained concrete was brilliant.

To complement the fresh look, the sublime new bistro menu was influenced by our family trips in search of the best seafood bistro food in Paris, Barcelona, San Francisco and New York. With Judi's help Chef Allen's is a modern seafood bistro!

Chef Allen's Offers Bistro Spice Menus
& Introduces a New Happy Hour

If you haven't had a chance to sample Chef Allen's modern seafood bistro menu and the beautiful new ambiance -- now is the time. From September 29 ˝ December 1, 2008, the restaurant will be offering their own version of Miami Spice, a delicious 3-course Bistro Spice menu, including a starter, main course and a luscious dessert, for just $36 per person, excluding tax and tip. On Tuesdays, the $36 Bistro Spice menu offerings include a Clambake, Chef Allen style, encompassing a lemony Caesar salad with sesame seeds and garlic croutons, savory littleneck clams with chorizo sausage, a succulent steamed Maine lobster, with melted butter, roasted fingerling potatoes, root vegetables, and to end on a sweet and spicy note, a brown sugar spiced fruit cobbler with rum raisin ice cream.

To further enhance the Aventura restaurant scene, Chef Allen's is hosting a Happy Hour, every Monday ˝ Friday, from 6:00 p.m. ˝ 7:30 p.m., offering $7.00 specialty cocktails, like the famed champagne mojito, along with complimentary bar snacks that include addictive oven roasted almonds with manchego cheese, crispy popcorn shrimp, and coconut-crab salad with veggie chips, among others.

Bistro Lobster Menu
Caesar Salad
Lemon, Sesame Seeds, Crispy Garlic Crouton

Steamed Maine Lobster
Sweet Corn on the Cob
Littleneck Clams and Chorizo Sausage
Roasted Fingerling Potatoes & Root Vegetables

Brown Sugar and Spiced Fruit Cobbler
Rum Raisin Ice Cream


Call 305-935-2900 or click here to make a reservation.

WDW Yalumba
A Sustainable winery from Australia
October 29, 2008

Stone Crab Cake
Orange - Fennel Remoulade, Green Apple Chutney
Yalumba Voignier

***** ***** *****

Crisp Duck Confit
Giant Lima Bean Cassoulet
Yalumba Shiraz

***** ***** *****

Wood Roasted Lamb Steak
Yuca Steak Fries, Poached Garlic Red Wine Glaze
Yalumba MGS

***** ***** *****

Cardamom Spiced Pear Charlotte
Guava and Pine Nut Ice Cream
Yalumba Galway Pipe Port

$59.00 per guest

Call 305-935-2900 or click here to make a reservation.

Have You Seen Us On The Web Yet?

Our customers agree that we have made many changes ˝ all for the better with the food, menu, service, and ambiance.

Check out what some of the pros are saying on line... - First look: Chef Allen's (redux) by Sara Liss The goods: In a true South Florida fashion, Chef Allen's recently underwent a facelift.

Also found posted on the Sun Sentiniel's website/foodblog...SUP - The new Chef Allen's Aventura. You gotta try this one. Whole snapper was outrageous, cooked ever so simple with lemon and herbs.

Daily CandyMiami...The landmark resto reopens with a modern look and revised bistro menu showcasing locally caught fish and regional produce. Why: It's a fresh start.

Coconut Crab Dip
This dip can be serves with crisp plantain chips dusted with lime zest, salt and cayenne.

Ingredients to Serve-4

1/3 CupCoconut milk
2 TablespoonsCream cheese
3 SmallScallions, chopped
1 TeaspoonFreshly diced jalapeno
2 TablespoonsFreshly squeezed lime juice
6 TablespoonsFreshly chopped cilantro
1/2 CupMayonnaise
1 Poundlump crab meat or stone crab meat
1/2 TeaspoonKosher salt
1/4 TeaspoonCayenne
1 TablespoonToasted coconut

To prepare the dip:
Using a small food processor blend the coconut milk, cream cheese, scallions, jalapeno, limejuice and half of the cilantro until smooth. Pour into a small bowl, mixing with mayo and remaining cilantro until just combined. Stir in crab and season to taste with salt and cayenne. Pour into a bowl and top with toasted coconut

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